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September 11, 2012


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1. 「Knight」
Ashinaka Gakuen High School, is a high school where the whole island is the site for the school.
Isana Yashiro, also known as Shiro, had lunch with a kitten on the roof. After lunch, Shiro was asked by his classmate Kukuri (Yukizome Kukuri) to buy some stuff for the school festival, and he went across the bridge heading to the city.
However, for some reason, at there he was being chased by some vulgar guys instead..........

2. 「Kitten」
A young man who claims himself "Yatogami Kuroh" appeared before Shiro and used some mysterious martial art, appears to be rescuing Shiro who was in a pinch. However, again for some reason that Shiro didn't even do, he is also trying to kill Shiro. Shiro instantly runs away from him, but Yatogami Kuroh chases him all the way to the academy's dormitory. 
On the other hand, the kitten which was in action together with Shiro suddenly changes into a beautiful girl and then...

3. 「Kitche」
Shiro and Kuroh are having breakfast in Shiro's room while calling a truce for a while. The mysterious girl, Neko, is there as well. From there, Shiro hears the story about the supernatural existence called King, and unusual abilities 'clans' that are led by the Kings. In addition, Shiro also knows about the false accusation against him where he had killed a member of the Red Clan. However, he insists that he is innocent.

4. 「Knock-on effect」
Kuroh calls Shiro as one of the 7 Kings, the Colorless King.
In case Shiro couldn't clear himself from the false charge of Totsuka Tatara's murder case, he will be slain. Shiro wanders around in the academy and is going to prove his own alibi. Neko has been optimistically following Shiro around. 
On the other hand, at that moment, Blue Clan and Red Clan respectively are getting clues on Shiro...

5. 「Knife」
Shiro was able to prove his alibi, however he discovers a shirt with the victim's blood in the depth of his closet in his room. 
Shiro hides his agitation, and he goes to the town to do some shopping for school festival with Kuroh and Neko.
At the same time, SCEPTER4's Awashima and Fushimi, as well as HOMRA's Yata and Kamamoto march into the school island.
Yata and Fushimi have their fate the moment they recognized each other's figure there.

6. 「Karma」
Red Clan and Blue Clan, both were not able to confirm Shiro's existence. Shiro has doubts with his identity again as well. In the meanwhile, at that time, SCEPTER4's vice commander, Awashima visits Bar HOMRA. Kusanagi then talks about the bond of team HOMRA.
The mystery that wraps about the whole picture of the case has become clearer little by little now.

7. 「Key」
No matter how he searched, Shiro cannot prove his own past. He visited his parent's house with Kuroh, but a stadium stood there. Shiro was overcome with shock that a human being called Isana Yashiro might not be exist after all.
At that time, Awashima and the other SCEPTER4 appear, trying to take the two of them into custody. The Blue King, Munakata begins to move at last. Is Kuroh going to surpress Munakata?

8. 「Kindling」
Neko's trick had been undone, and Shiro faced his memory. The revived memory was his encounter with Neko, and the scene of which he was thrown from an airship by a mysterious man who was laughing boisterously.
Even though he could not remember any further than that, he is encouraged by Neko's and Kuroh's existence, thus decides to try to recover his memory. 
The three of them are trying to get into contact with the Blue King, Munakata.

9. 「Knell」
The Blue King, Munakata who complied with Shiro's offer, moved to take the Silver King, Adolf K Weissman into custody. However, the Silver King blew up the airship himself and it crashed to the ground. 
Silver King's dead body is discovered in the airship the next day, and Munakata visits the Gold King's base. Meanwhile, coming in contact with Suoh who is held in the lock-up is...

10. 「Kaleidoscope」
The Red King, Suoh who was in the Blue Clan's cell, was contacted by a mysterious person, agitating him that he had killed Totsuka himself. Suoh, having found the person he has been looking for, escaped from the cell using his power and then leads the Red Clan a.k.a HOMRA and invades Ashinaka school island. 
While continuing with the confrontation of SCEPTER4 who rushed there, Munakata in secret tests Suoh's reasoning.

11. 「Killer」
HOMRA who had invaded school island Ashinaka and SCEPTER4 who waited at the bridge which linked the island to the land, waiting for each other's move respectively, spending a whole night in the atmosphere of the touch-and-go situation.
However the next morning, explosion happens suddenly and the two powers finally confront.
At that time, Shiro and the rest who have heard about the invasion of the academy by the Red Clan, return and meet up again with Kukuri at the school which has became the battlefield.

12. 「Adolf・K・Weismann」
Red and Blue's battle intensified. And, Suoh and Munakata's duel began at last.
On the other hand, Kukuri had received mind interference by [something] that hid within her, and Shiro was surrounded in a mysterious light, everyone was in a daze. Soon when the light converges, Shiro regains all of his memories, referring himself as the Silver King; Adolf K Weismann.

13. 「King」(Final Episode)
After Shiro regained his memory and power as the Silver King, with the cooperation of Neko, he led the school students and of course, the Red and Blue clansmen out of the school. And, together with Kuro, he goes to stop the Colorless King, who acts behind the scene to bring it to an end. The battle of Suoh and Munakata is getting thrilling. The Sword of Damocles crumbles every single moment! The fate of the four Kings who has everyone worried is!?

-All Credit goes to…
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HyphyHumper Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
I really hope Shiro really isn't dead. Hes obviously the "Immortal King" but kings can kill Kings. But if thats so, whats the point of being called "Immortal King"? Hopefully hes alive in the Sequel. The Ending didn't turn out how i wanted it. Sadly.
TsubasaAKokoro Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist
I loved the series and can't wait for the sequel! xD idk who else has watched code geass but the moment between mikoto and munakata reminded me of the moment between lelouch and suzaku
Kitah-san Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
That last episode... >:O

There has to be another series to clear up everything... D:<
268514 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
A sequel is in production already XD
Kitah-san Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Thanks for telling me :D

So glad there is a sequel, I wonder if it is going to be based on finding the First king (Isana.. Adolf.. whatever you want to call him) :D
LadyNeko16 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Nooo the last chapter T.T
animegirl037 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist
So for my birthday I get the final episode of K.... PLEASE DON'T LET THIS SHOW END!!! IT'S TOO DAMN GOOD :iconcryforeverplz:
MegaAnimeFreak7 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Student Writer
Someone needs to make a petition asking them to continue the story. It can't just end with 13 episodes. We need a season two. Please. ;A;
erilypse Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012
By the way, the 12th episode of K, the only episode of K where the episode does not start with the letter K, broadcasts at 11.30 pm in Japan, and ends at 12.00 midnight, 21st Dec in Japan ;D
Skyfire1311 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
(~T^T)~ Somebody please tell me! Will there only be 13 episodes?!?!?! ONLY 13?!?!?! Please tell me I'm horribly mistaken and completely wrong!
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